Monitoring policy Case study for high-school students: Scuola di Open Coesione

The innovative Italian initiative Scuola di Open Coesione  (School of OpenCohesion, ASOC) strives to empower people to actively engage with public funding.

It is a high-school student-centred educational programme, but open to every Italian citizen.  From open data, people can learn how public money is spent in a given local area, what kind of projects are getting funded and their progress, challenges, etc.

On their website, you will find the main info in several languages. Take a look and learn more about this project on more open and transparent monitoring!

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  1. This is a great example of e-transparency civic-tech practice. There are many national initiatives with the purpose of achieving better control of how governments are spending public money, such as Red flags project ( in Hungarian. It is a corruption warning system that monitors procurement processes in Hungary and highlights fraud risks at different stages of the procurement process. These flagged procurement documents can be further checked by public officials in control agencies, journalists and citizens. Does anyone know of such initiatives for e-transparency or anti-corruption in your country?

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