This is one of the proposals we were working on during the “yes, and”-brainstorming session.

1) The government could launch a public platform that promotes democracy, and is easy to use for everyone. It could show citizens, including students, how to contact and affect politicians, and also what rights you have as a citizen. This could de used in the classroom to show students that their engagements matter and that they actually have the power to change things.

2) Yes, and the government should allowstudents to present proposals and work on the ones who were considered to carry out.

3) Yes, and there could also be meetings with them to hear them out and learn more about that specifik issue, proposal or suggestion.

4) Yes, and perhaps politicians, on a local level, could arrange a vote among the propositions where users of the platform could pick their top 3-proposals for the local parliament to adress. If your proposal is elected, you get invited to the parliament to witness the processing of that proposal.

5) Yes, yes, yes! And that witness could inform everyone, through the social networks, about the whole process and spread the word with the help of his/her/their partners.

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