Welcome to the NEXUS4Civics Community!

This space is a sharing platform for a learning community of educators and students with a diverse background and interests in active citizenship and participation in the digital age.

On this platform, you can find a collection of resources created by the NEXUS team or shared by the project community, related to a variety of topics such as digital civic engagement, digital identity, digital footprint and online privacy, public policy, monitoring, accountability and transparency, advocacy, online campaigning, smart city and smart communities, community engagement and service learning in higher education, civic-tech tools to get engaged in the digital age.

Get involved

We’d love you to get involved in what we are doing around active digital citizenship. The following are some guidelines for participating in this community:

  1. Explore the existing posts/resources to find the topics you are interested in.
  2. Comment on any post or resource that you have looked at.
  3. Share resources that you think may be of interest to the rest of the community.
  4. Respond to other members’ comments to your resources or other.
  5. Enjoy, be respectful, and keep the community alive!
  6. Send us your feedback. We look forward to hearing from you.
  7. Engage with your colleagues and contacts that may be interested in participating in the NEXUS4Civics community.

What kind of resources can be shared?

You can share any type of resource that is relevant to improve the knowledge and skills for civic engagement in the digital age, such as articles, papers, reports, inspirational practices, presentations, tools, and learning resources.

How can you share resources?

By clicking on SHARE you will be able to post your contribution, and by opening others’ posts you will be able to comment on the entries by other members.

Need help?

Please contact Beatriz Sedano (UNED) bsedano[AT]invi.uned.es


This initiative is part of the ERASMUS+ project “NEXUS – Promoting the Nexus of Migrants through active citizenship” (https://nexus4civics.eu), which focuses on empowering students (especially those with migrant background) to exercise their rights, uphold human values, and contribute constructively to the society around them and the global community in general.



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